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consulting / conception / prototyping

Designers are problem solvers. My goal is to create environmentally friendly and user-friendly solutions. Function that is adapted to societal needs is my first priority. Supported by research, interviews and investigation, innovative and essential product solutions can be found.

Here you can choose between my services in the field of product design:

Beratung Produktdesign Studio Sarah Müller


I'm explaining how I can support your business in sustainable product development or the design processes in your existing business.

Here we start by analyzing the problem and developing solutions.

This package is aimed specifically at smaller companies or start-ups who would like to gain an initial insight into the world of product design without having to commit to a large project straight away.

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Stool Classic Studio Sarah Müller


For higher budget and time commitment, which includes all the services of the basic package plus services such as the following: 

// Product visualization through 3D visualizations for realistic idea of product

// Presentation of the product design convincingly and inspire potential customers

// Production preparation, creation of detailed production drawings and specifications

// Sustainability consulting and resource optimization to implement sustainable and resource-saving production processes 

The package is suitable for products that require a great deal of technical knowledge and whose function is more complex.

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This package provides the foundation for product design and includes:

// Consultation and analysis of existing products and current market trends

// Design concept from sketches, mood boards and mockups

// Feedback and optimization of the product design and market analysis

// Prototyping includes the creation of rough prototypes to test and optimize the functionality and aesthetics of the design

Primarily intended for start-ups that want to invest less time in development and are interested in marketing small consumer goods that contain few technical aspects.

Abwarten und Teetrinken 

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Maßgeschneidertes Produktdesign Studio Sarah Müller


For all areas, it is also possible to put together a tailor-made package that gives customers the opportunity to put together their individual services according to their specific requirements and budget.

Request your personal package now under contact. I look forward to working with you!

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