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Not only people, but also products tell a story that is worth listening to!

Here you can take a look behind my work processes and project journey.


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november 23


Many tenants want flexible and space-saving furniture that can be adapted to their living requirements. One solution is the FLEXY coffee table, which consists of a table top and four legs that can be attached to the table top as required without screws. It can easily accommodate three large dinner plates or four to five smaller cake plates.


The simple and flexible assembly allows a playful use of the furniture. By moving the legs, the available space can be used optimally and adapted to the number of guests. The upper edge of the table top is 50 cm high, which allows a comfortable posture when eating.


The design also proves its advantages when transporting the table or moving house. The legs can be removed in just a few seconds and can be transported in a very space-saving manner.

Total height: 55 cm

Length: 120 cm

Width: 50,0 cm

Weight: 8,8 kg

User Szenario_Couchtisch

october 23


The stool is limited to a minimum of materials. The seat is made of pine wood and the stool legs are made of solid beech wood. The legs have a slight angle to make the overall look more elegant. Additional support is provided by the diagonally stretched steel rope, which comes from an old hanging lamp.

The rope is arranged to provide maximum stability and you can comfortably place your legs inside. The seat is designed extra large to provide more seating comfort.

Total height: 45.5 cm
Diameter: 38.0 cm
Weight: 2.7 kg


oktober 23


coming soon

Stijl Markt_21-22. Okt_2023_Stand_room_no9_Studio_Sarah_Müller
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